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Upgrading from 2G -> 3G GSM


How to upgrade a Bosch Solution 6000 from 2G to 3G.

The 2G GSM mobile phone network is being turned of progressively around Australia. To upgrade your Soluton 6000 alarm panel from 2G to 3G, you need to upgrade the firmware in the main control panel and upgrade the GSM card. This can be done with a laptop and a CM910 upgrade cable.


1. Check your panel firmware. This can be found at Installer Menu 700 or on the orange sticker on the top right hand corner of the main alarm control panel. The firmware needs to be 2.25 or higher. If you don't have the correct firmware, you will need to upgrade your panel firmware (via download).

2. Check your panel serial number. This can be found on the orange sticker UNDER the 2G daughter board on your panel. Your serial number must be 280000 or higher for the upgrade to work.

3. Purchase a 2G -> 3G card and a CM910 cable or hire one from us.

4. Download the latest firmware (below).

5. Follow the instuctions on the firmware product page to upgrade your panel to the latest firmware.

6. Swap the 2G board with the 3G board and power up your system. Make sure you have a 3G SIM card in the panel.

7. No need the change any programming, the system should work as normal, but now on 3G.

8. Don't forget to post the CM910 cable back to us for your hire refund (within 30 days please!).

PO BOX 3049, Tamarama NSW 2026. Include your order name and order number too.