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Bosch Wired Movement Sensors

PIRs - The Blue Line PIRs are a basic detector which use infra-red temperature changes to detect movement. They are the simplest and cheapest forms of movement detection. These sensors can be used very successfully in the average home or office environment and have an exceptionally low false alarm rate when used in a quiet environment.

Quads - These sensors are great for more harsh environments like sheds, garages, area’s of high or heavy traffic, houses near boats or harbours or any area where there is more electronic interference that might impede the sensors performance. If you don’t have a tight budget, we recommend using quad sensors for all our kits.

Tri-Techs - (also known as Dual-Tech detectors) use a combination of technologies for superior false alarm suppression in very harsh environments, or areas where a normal PIRs is generally known to give false alarms. The advantage of using microwave technology is that it’s unaffected by wind currents, air-conditioners, heaters and the like. These sensors also ignore small animals. This means you can use it with the air-conditioning on, in a wooden or brick shed that that isn’t sealed very well, roof spaces, harsh environments and you can also use it with pets.

Big Discounts on multiple buys across our entire range of sensors!

For example: Tri-Techs

  • Buy 3 - 4 and pay only $66.00 each
  • Buy 5 - 9 and pay only $64.00 each
  • Buy 10 or above and pay only $61.50 each