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The ICP‑CC488 Control Panel provides eight programmable hard-wired or wireless burglary zones.

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ICP-Ultima 880 PCB



This is a replacement ICP-CC488 PCB (Printed Circuit Board) only.
Note that as of January 2020 this is an end of life product. There will be limited availability after this date and warranty and spare parts will cease in 2023.

We suggest replacing this unit with a Bosch 2000 or 3000 board which is Bosch's current board.



Quick Overview:

  • Includes the PCB only.
  • No cabinet.
  • No power supplies or battery.
  • Comes with instructions, manuals and cheat sheet.
  • Comes with all codes (you change them).
  • Available from Cheap Alarm Parts.
  • Includes resistors, battery lead and phone lead.


The Blurb:

The ICP‑CC488 Control Panel provides eight programmable hard-wired or wireless burglary zones. Remote programming provides added convenience and adaptability.


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Quick Technical Overview:

  • 8 On-board Zones (wired or wireless)
  • 8 Code Users and 8 Radio Users
  • Domestic Dialling (will phone you and play a jingle when the alarm goes off)
  • Fully programmable from the keypad
  • or Programmable via Alarm Link Software (Remote/ Direct)
  • Eight programmable user codes and eight radio remote user codes
  • Two areas
  • DTMF telephone remote arming
  • Remote programming
  • Three arming modes
  • Day alarm, duress alarm, and codepad tamper alarm
  • Built-in telephone line fault monitor
  • Zone lockout
  • Dynamic battery testing
  • Event memory recall


What's in the box?


  • 1x Solution ICP-Ultima 880 control panel (ICP-CC488) PCB ONLY
  • 1x Solution ICP-Ultima 880 Printed Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Solution ICP-Ultima 880 Printed User Guide
  • 1x Update and release notes
  • 1x Standard 610 telephone cable with adaptor
  • 1x Battery leads Set
  • 8x 3k3 resistors
  • 8x 6k8 resistors
  • 1x Cheat Sheet:
    Cheap Alarm Parts cheat sheet (only available from CheapAlarmParts)
    A simplified version of the Bosch manual specifically designed for installers who are not familiar with Bosch alarm systems.
    Makes installing a breeze.



Documentation for the Solution ICP Ultima 880


pdf.png Solution ICP Ultima 880 Installation Guide
pdf.png Solution ICP Ultima 880 Users Guide
pdf.png Solution ICP Ultima 880 Brochure
pdf.png Solution ICP Ultima 880 Data Sheet

pdf.png Bosch Alarms Comparison Sheet




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Brand Bosch
Shipping Weight 0.7000kg
Shipping Width 0.170m
Shipping Height 0.110m
Shipping Length 0.270m
Type discontinued

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