iFob Plans

The iFob control app provides real time control and feedback of Solution 6000 alarm systems.

Multiple sites are supported meaning you can easily interface to your home, your office or your holiday house when required and control them all on your mobile with ease.

The myalarm.com.au website allows the System Owner to configure the features and options for devices using the iFob Control app.



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Setting up your Solution 6000 on an iFob plan?

You'll need a MyAlarm iFob account before you can do anything.

Create your new MyAlarm account here (it's free).


Need a SIM for your alarm?
Get $10 Free Credit!!

... when you create a new account from our website. Receive $10 free credit from Amaysim, only when you click here.

We recommend the $10/month 1GB plan for your alarm system or GSM dialer.

Amaysim uses the Optus network.


Log into your My Alarm account here.

Change your devices, add or edit your personal reporting rules.

(unlike some other companies, we give you access to all the good bits).


Log into your Amaysim account here.

(Do lots of mobile phone accounty things.)





iFob Trial Plan (1 month free)

iFob Trial Plan (1 month free)


Try the iFob app free for a month without any obligation. No limits with full functionality.


Choose Options
iFob Control Unlimited - Pay Once

iFob Control Unlimited - Pay Once


Non-subscription based iFob plan lets you pay once and use the app forever. Limited to 100 notifications a month.


Choose Options
Bosch Assisted Solution Link (one session)

Bosch Assisted Solution Link (one session)


Allows our technicians to look at your programing and help you out.