Bosch releases 5" Touch screen

The all new 5" smart touch screen is here for the Bosch 3000 Short Description

The TouchOne Mini code pad is a new high definition 5” touchscreen for the Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 control panels that provides a rich graphical user interface and extended functionality. We have tested the new keypad extensively and it's now definitely our favourite of the range!

The main screen clearly shows the current state of the alarm system, along with zone information, faults and easy access to one-touch arming.

The keypad button opens the traditional numeric keypad page, but now with a full English menu system. This makes programming and changes to the system a breeze! During standby, you can show a photo slide-show with the optional SD card, or just make the keypad go dark (if it’s in a bedroom for instance).

The keypad can independently connect to WiFi for any system and firmware updates. Bosch really have thought of everything this time!

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