Disabling the tamper switch on a Solution 2000 or 3000.

Author: Saul   Date Posted:18 March 2022 

Don't fight with your tamper switch!

Disabling the onboard tamper switch on a Solution 2000/3000

To protect the main alarm panel box from being opened or tampered with, there is a little switch which presses against the lid of the box, and the wall that the box is attached to. If the lid is removed or the box is ripped from the wall, the switch opens and sets off the ‘tamper switch’ circuit or zone - normally setting off all the sirens. The tamper switch zone is on 24hrs a day. It doesn’t matter if the alarm is on or off, the tamper switch is always armed.

While it’s recommended to have a tamper switch and is standard practice, it can sometimes be annoying when you are setting up your alarm system. There are a couple of ways you can bypass the box tamper and siren tamper on a Solution 2000 / 3000 system.

If you short out the tamper switch with a small loop of cable, the panel will think the lid is on all the time. You can also disable the box tamper switch in the programming. If you have a text keypad, it’s System -> Fault -> [8] Onboard tamper trigger alarm. If you have an icon keypad, it can found at location 495.

To stop a 24 hour zone going off, like the siren tamper switch - Just program that zone as a burglary zone until you’re finished installing!



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