iFob Control

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Quick Overview:

  • The iFob control app provides real time control and feedback of Solution 6000 alarm systems that have Internet connectivity.
  • The app supports multiple sites, meaning you can easily interface to your home, your office or your holiday house in the one app (each site needs it's own subscription).
  • This subscription provides unlimited control of one alarm system.
  • It DOES NOT include notifications to the app, SMS, e-mail reporting and voice dialling.
  • If you have multiple panels, you need to purchase a subscription for each panel/serial number.



  • Minimum cost for this plan is $4.95inc GST
  • You will be charged $4.95 /month each month
  • Subscription payments are done security through PayPal.
  • You can cancel your sunscription at any time.


iFob Control Plan includes:

  • Up to 10 Devices
  • Alarm Control
  • Solution Link



  • Solution 6000 GSM
  • Solution 6000 IP
  • Solution 6000 Wifi



Area Control: Turn "Areas" on and off including Part-Arming
Output Control: Independently control any of the outputs
Door Control: Lock and unlock doors
Live Status: See zone statuses live
Bypass: Bypass zones:





Panel Serial Number:

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