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Bosch Solution 6000 V2.51.04



Quick Overview:

Download HERE

  • To download this firmware, just click on the link above.
  • Please follow the link to download the Solution 6000 V2.51.04 Hotfix flash update files
  • You will need a CM910 cable to flash update the panel.
  • Incorrectly updating a panel may loose all programming and may damage the panel.


This update includes bug fixes as well as support for the:

  • 4G Radio Modules (CAT1) and 4G Combo Modules (CAT1)
  • 4G Myalarm Radio Modules (CATM1 and CAT1)
  • 4G MyAlarm Combo Modules (CATM1 and CAT1)
  • RF121 SMART RF Base Station with On-board Relay Outputs

Please take the time to read through the release notes.

This update is required when using 4G radio modules and is recommended for all installations using IP connectivity or SMART RF devices.

You will need to save the files to your hard drive and run the EXE file.

Follow the instructions in the attached Firmware Update Guide PDF to update the panel.


Note: This firmware upgrade is only suitable for Solution 6000 panels, which have serial numbers larger than 240000. Do not attempt to upgrade panels with lower serial numbers as the panel will not run with this version.



Caution: Depending on the firmware version you are upgrading from, the panel may perform a complete system default at the end of the update process. To retain programming information, you will need to make a copy of the panel data using Solution Link before updating the firmware. Once the update is complete, if the panel defaulted, then connect using Solution Link and download the programming information back into the panel.



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SKU Solution6000V2.51.04
Type download
Format https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArghzDlBXwTniuksMoYvKpxY9OCkYg?e=xsHO4n

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