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Solution 6000 V2.28.00 Firmware



Quick Overview:

Download HERE

  • Solution 6000 V2.28.00 firmware update.
  • You will need a CM910 cable to flash update the panel.
  • Incorrectly updating a panel may loose all programming and may damage the panel.


Notice: Please only attempt to upgrade your panel once you have spoken to one of our technical support team.



To download this product, just click on the above link.





  • Remove power from the panel and connect the CM910 programmer to the 10 pin serial port connector on the panel.
  • Connect the other end of the CM901 programmer to the computer COM port.
  • Connect power to the panel. Note that the green Status LED on the panel should not be flashing.
  • Run the update file and follow the instructions. When prompted, you will need to select the correct COM port.
  • Once programming is complete, remove power from panel and remove the CM910 programmer.
  • Apply power to panel.
  • Process Completed.



The update program is capable of updating a number of different panel types and versions.

Updating a panel with the wrong panel type will cause the panel to default back to factory setting when the update procedure is complete.

If you need to retain the programmed panel data you must make sure to use the correct file for your panel type. Refer to MENU 7-0-0 to verify the panel type.

It is also recommended that you create a backup of all programming options using the upload/download software before attempting the firmware update.



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SKU Solution6000V2.28.00
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Format https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArghzDlBXwTnhPRXkk1oXJWsoTaRng?e=FVbD7C

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