Bosch B450-M Conettix Plug-in Communicator Interfacer for 2000/3000 and RSC+ CLOUD ENABLED


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B450-M Conettix Plug-in Communicator Interfacer for 2000/3000 and RSC+ CLOUD ENABLED


3G life expectancy:

This product requires a 3G GSM signal. Although Telstra and Vodafone have already started phasing out parts of their 3G networks for older devices, at this stage, no one has confirmed any specifics around when 3G will be switched off entirely. Telstra  will continue to operate 3G services on its 850MHz spectrum until June 2024. Optus has yet to provide any timeline for when it intends to shutdown its 3G network. Unlike Telstra and Vodafone, it isn't currently phasing out any of its 3G network frequencies. Once the 3G network is turned off entirely, the communicator in this product will need to be upgraded to 4G. As of June 2023, when this paragraph was written, there were no 4G units available for the product, but they are in development and will be available once testing has been completed by the manufactures.



Quick Overview:

  • Enables full two-way IP communication using Plug-in Cellular Communicators.
  • Plug and Play installation makes future radio technology changes easy.
  • Compatible with new and most deployed Bosch control panels.
  • Supports remote installation of cellular modules for improved signal.
  • Available from Cheap Alarm Parts.


The Blurb:

This unit allows connection of mobile 3G/4G modules to your compatible alarm panel. Modules simply slide into the B450-M unit, allowing easy changes and upgrade to communications methods. The unit sits on the Bosch DSI2 bus which means the unit can be fitted away from the main control panel and connected via 4-core cable.



Kit Includes:




  • Solution 2000
  • Solution 3000



Dimentions: 79 mm x 128 mm x 38 mm
Current: 60mA stndby 180mA in Alarm



  • This unit requires a seperate communicator board to operate, such as the B433 3G/4G communicator.


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