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Provides electrical isolation between LAN segments reducing the chance of surge damage. and can be used to increase the total LAN length.

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CM797B LAN Isolator Module for Solution 144 & 6000



Quick Overview:

  • Up to 8 LAN isolator modules can be connected to the Solution 16i, Solution 144 and Solution E Series Panels.
  • Isolators provide electrical isolation between LAN segments reducing the chance of surge damage.
  • Isolators can also be used to increase the total LAN length.
  • Available from Cheap Alarm Parts.


The Blurb:

The CM797B LAN Isolator module provides 2.5KV electrical isolation between different LAN segments or between the LAN and other modules. The isolator also regeerates the LAN signals allowing the total LAN length to be increased beyond the standard length of 1200 meters and also provides a 2.5KV isolated 12V @ 250mA power supply which can be used to power keypads or LAN prox readers providing complete electrical isolation for devices located on the outside of buildings etc.

The isolator module helps eliminate earth loops in the LAN cabling, improves surge immunity and protects LAN sections from faults and tampering. When the LAN is being connected between separate buildings, an isolator module must be installed in each building to provide the best surge protection.




Part Number: CM797B - LAN Isolator Module (RS485)
Operating Voltage: 10.0V D.C - 14.5V D.C. @ 100mA / 340mA when ISO Power is fully loaded @250mA
Isolated Power Out: 13.8V D.C @250mA Max.
Electrical Isolation: 2.5KV between LAN and Isolated LAN.
Module Connection (RS485 LAN): Max total LAN length using multi strand security cable = 300m. Max total LAN length usig 2 pair twisted shielded data cable (Belden 8723)= 1200m. See full control panel manual for complete wiring instructions.
Dimensions: 74mm(W),23mm(D), 116mm(H).
Environment: -30º to 55ºC RH 5 to 85% AT 30ºC non-condensing.
Fixing Method: The CM797B can be mounted in the MW700B, MW720B or MW730B enclosures using clip in PCB mounts supplied.
Warranty: 3 years from date of manufacture (return to base).



  • Solution 16i
  • Solution 144
  • Solution E Series


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Brand Bosch
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