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Supplies an additional fully monitored 1amp 12v DC power and battery backup to compatible control panels.

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CM720B LAN Relay 1Amp power supply Solution 144 & 6000



Quick Overview:

  • Adds additional power capacity to your alarm panel.
  • Includes battery backup charger (battery not included).
  • Self resetting fuse.
  • Fully supervised by alarm panel.
  • Mounts as 1 module space in Solution series cabinets.
  • Available from Cheap Alarm Parts.


The Blurb:

The CM720B is a 1Amp 13.8VDC power supply that can be used for sensors, locks or other devices on your system. Up to 8 modules can be added to a Solution 6000 system. When the CM720B power supply is connected to the control panel via the LAN, all of the CM720's status information can be interrogated using the upload/download software or through any keypad. Information such as output voltage, output overload, low battery and AC fail are all monitored and can be displayed.

The CM720B can also be used as a stand-alone 1Amp 13.8VDC power supply and battery charger. Seperate outputs are provided for low battery and AC fail indications if the power supply needs to be monitored by external equipment.

You will need a TF-008B 18V transformer and BA006 12VDC battery.




  • Output 13.8VDC 1Amp max draw.
  • Max distance from main panel using 4-Core = 300m
  • Operating Temperature 0c to 55c 85% Humidity at 30c



  • Solution 6000
  • Solution 144
  • Solution 16i



Voltage Input: 16-18V AC 50-60Hz - 24VA External Power Adaptor or 220-240V AC to 18V AC 50-60Hz - 24VA Internal Transformer.
Voltage Output: 13.8V DC @ 1 Amp. Ripple 100mV @ Full Load (Primary supply source only)
Temperature: 0o to 55oC Operating
Dimensions: 115(W) x 86(D) x 30(H)mm
Warranty: 3 years


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Brand Bosch
Shipping Weight 0.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.160m

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